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Free UK Mainland Delivery on Orders over £20. *Exclusions apply. | Free Gift When You Spend £40.

About Us

Our mission is to help you Live Better.

Located in the beautifully vibrant, diverse city of Bristol, Smidge was created to encourage everybody to live a healthier, happier and more sustainable life.

Everywhere, people are making better choices to help look after themselves and their immediate environment – the food we eat, how much waste we create, how we travel.

But sometimes choosing a more sustainable solution involves making some sort of compromise. Forgoing quality because of budget, or style for more sustainable materials, there always seems to be a trade-off to be made.

At Smidge, we believe ‘living a sustainable lifestyle’ is about making good decisions that fit in with our own everyday lives, without compromising! Smidge products are made to make embracing sustainable living easier, by being great products first and foremost.

We’ve started small, focussing on a range of drinkware, food storage and kitchen accessories. With our thoughtfully designed, functionally brilliant, and beautifully crafted products we can help you Live Better too.

How it’s done…?

Brilliant Products.

Brilliant products will always be at the centre of everything we do. Designed for you, our products combine remarkable performance with enduring style.

Support & Inspire.

We unite a community looking to better themselves and those around them. Smidge will always be there to support, guide and inspire you.

Join us @WeAreSmidge

Strive for Sustainability.

It’s what underpins it all. From our materials, to our packaging, to our supply chain we aspire to supply you with the best product with as little impact on the world as possible.

What does the future hold?

We may have started small but our vision is big. We will always be thinking ahead, innovating and creating new products to make your life better. But we want the Smidge community to be part of that future. So, if you love our products, tell us what we can do to make your life even better, even simpler and even more sustainable.