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Free UK Mainland Delivery on Orders over £20. *Exclusions apply.

Sustainable Chopping Boards

Natural chopping boards made with salvaged paper. Pop in the dishwasher, or the oven.

Simple act. Bold impact.

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Sustainable Cutting Boards.

Chop, dice, and slice more sustainably. Cut out the plastic with our recycled salvaged paper chopping boards.

Ever heard of an oven-safe chopping board? Smidge’s plastic free chopping board can handle up to 240°C in the oven. Keep food warm directly on the board while waiting to serve.

Simple and effective.

Our chopping boards are made with you in mind. Benefitting from the same properties of wood, the boards carry the same antibacterial properties. We’re also not here to cause any damage. The salvaged paper material is kinder on knives. Staying sharper for longer.

Smidge cutting boards really are the best of both worlds. Combining the chopping surface quality and antibacterial qualities of wood with the easy maintenance of a plastic board. Plus it’s good for the environment.

A Plastic-Free and Dishwasher Safe Chopping board.

Unlike many wooden chopping boards, a Smidge board is also dishwasher-friendly. Pop them in after use with no worries of black mould appearing or them warping.

Designed for living. Styled for life.

Made for simplicity. We think about the small details so you don’t have to. The Dice & Slice boards both come in a range of sizes. The Dice board also has a handy groove around the edge that is designed to catch crumbs and juices from spilling onto your kitchen surfaces. A wood-like natural brown finish with a black crumb groove. Perfect for every kitchen. Perfect for every food

Buy Sustainable Chopping Boards Online from Smidge.

Smidge offer a collection of sustainable products that don’t compromise on style. Alongside our plastic-free chopping boards, we have a range of eco-friendly products such as travel coffee cups, beeswax wraps and even silicone bowl covers.

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