Free UK Mainland Delivery on Orders over £20.

*Exclusions apply.

Free UK Mainland Delivery on Orders over £20. *Exclusions apply.

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Can I track my order?
To ensure we provide you with a delivery service that is reliable but also comes at a reasonable price, we have selected a variety of untracked delivery options from two major courier companies – Royal Mail and DPD. Find out more about our delivery options in our Shipping & Delivery page. With DPD specifically, when you provide your email address or mobile number at checkout, the courier will inform you about the estimated hourly slot via email or SMS on the day of delivery. If this doesn’t fit in with your schedule, you can provide them with a different time or date… easy!
What are the delivery costs?
You can find all our delivery options and the related charges on our Shipping & Delivery page. For orders that exceed the weight/volume limits and for deliveries outside of Europe, you will not be able to place your order directly on our website… but this doesn’t mean we don’t want to ship to you! Just get in touch with our Support Team and we will see what we can do for you.
Do you charge for returns?
There are several scenarios in which you may wish to return your order. The procedure and charge (if any) change depending on the situation. To find out more, visit our Returns page.
What shall I do if my order arrives damaged?
First of all, don’t worry! Unfortunately, we know things can sometimes go wrong, so we have a dedicated procedure in place to solve this: please read the paragraph Cancellation due to damaged products in our Returns page.
Can I edit my order?
If you realise some details in your order are wrong (products ordered, delivery address, etc.), you should contact our Support Team ASAP. We cannot guarantee we will be able to amend your order, but if it hasn’t been processed yet we will do our best to help you out.
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What is the product guarantee/warrantee?
All our products are covered against a manufacturing defect for up to 2 years. Some products come with a lifetime warranty, in which case this will be stated on the product page among the product features. If you are not entirely chuffed with your new Smidge product just get in touch with our Support Team.
If they are good for the environment then why do your travel cups have plastic lids?
There are times when manufacturing technologies are just not advanced enough yet to create a functional product that doesn't include any plastic, so we have to compromise a little. Our travel coffee cup lids are made from a BPA-free recyclable plastic, which allows them to be 100% leak proof and help reduce the use of single-use travel cups and single use coffee cups.
How long do they stay hot?
Bottles & Travel cups – We claim “stay hot or cold for up to 12 hours (bottles)/6 hours (travel cups)”, but staying hot is a “wooly” term. The science bit: we measure that there is only a 20% drop in original temperature over a 12 hour and 6 hour period. So one could claim they stay “warm” for longer.
Can I take my Smidge bottle and/or travel cup through airport security?
If the bottle/coffee cup is empty, you should normally be able to take it through airport security. Unfortunately, some airports have their own security policy as well as some countries being stricter as to what you can bring with you, so we suggest you check the airport policy before you are off. Oh, and have a safe trip! :)
My lid has broken, can I get a spare?
No worries, we stock most spare parts, just drop our Support Team a line.
How do I clean the inside of my bottle?
Here’s your step-by-step guide to utmost cleanliness: 1. Rinse thoroughly; 2. Add washing liquid and fill up halfway; 3. Close the lid and shake; 4. Rinse thoroughly. Also, since you’re at it, don’t forget to give the bottle head a good scrub.
Are they totally leak proof?
Insulated bottles & travel cups – Yep, so long as you tighten the lid enough. If the cup is weeping, it’s only upset ‘cause you didn’t close it properly so give it another go and you’ll both set off with a smile on your faces. Top tip – we always tilt upside down to check before taking on a trip.
Does the paint fade in the dishwasher?
Insulated bottles and insulated travel cups only – yep they certainly do, modern dishwashers are tough places to survive these days! So if you like the bright shine on your new bottle or cup, best to just dip it in the sink from time to time. All other products – to ensure the product you are buying is dishwasher safe, just look for the ‘Dishwasher Safe’ tick under ‘Features’ on the product page.
How long do your bottles/cups stay cold?
Bottles & Travel cups – We claim “stay hot or cold for up to 24 hours (bottles)/12 hours (travel cups)”, but how cold is cold? The science bit: we measure that there is only a 20% increase in original temperature over a 24 hour and 12 hour period. So one could claim they stay “chill” for longer. Cold or chill, your Smidge bottle will still be as cool as a cucumber after a days outing.
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